Pimp Dein Ding
Workshop Instructor
In collaboration with Rüdiger Schlömer.

The workshop took place at the Museum der Dinge Berlin, a presentation space run by the Werkbund Archiv. It served as a reinforcement programme to Böse Dinge, an exhibition of "bad (or "evil") things". Intrigued by the abundance of objects that defied established notions of appropriate form, Gustav Pazaurek developed a system in the early 20th century that aimed to categorise all manner of poor design, thus enabling objective assessment of a "böses Ding".

The 1st year design students in attendance had to take apart and reconstruct a "bad / evil thing" within the parameters defined by Pazaurek. At the end of the workshop, the students presented their objects, explaining the reinvented functions and specific design transgressions.