Der Prozess: Reality, Perception, Translation
Exhibition Text, Catalogue Writer
an exhibition project with artists / curators Enda O'Donaghue and Gregor Stephan.

Der Prozess traces the evidence of an artist's method.

Featuring the works of eight artists who play with the depictions of reality, the pieces intersect and collide to create a patchwork of perspectives. The meticulous reproduction or the systematic deconstruction of the photographic, filmic and cartographic object is itself a translation process, one that attempts to reconfigure a part of reality with a personal set of rules. It in turn requires re-translation on the viewer's part for the art to acquire a significance beyond that of the original maker.

The pieces in Der Prozess demonstrate "other" representative potentials of a familiar medium by thorough breakdown: a large football stadium made up of controlled paint drips, an entire Kubrick film flattened frame by frame into a hypnotic colour matrix. They ultimately offer a challenge of interpretation, a reality filtered and arranged by the art producer, whose perception is decoded and contextualised by the viewer. In a way, Der Prozess not only intimates the observable mechanics on the surface of the artwork, but - perhaps more importantly - at the reciprocal acts of understanding and relaying a certain reality.

Foreword for the catalogue