Tender Parodies
Curator, Organiser
A 3-day festival of workshops, performances and screenings to take place in a disused theatre in Weissensee, Berlin.

Tender Parodies is a performance of performances – a series of copies and imitations. With mischief, the selected artists explore the boundaries between original and reproduction. Their (re)interpretations take apart the idea of what it means to be authentic, producing a simulacrum that hearkens back to its archetype with equal parts caricature and homage. In offering other versions of how things could also be, their works represent a potential alternative that challenges the biases in social expectations.

An important attribute of the parody is its capacity to deceive: as a replica, it aims to preserve each detail, rendering the copy indistinguishable from the original. Conversely, a replica can also “fail”, because of tell-tale discrepancies in the imitation. Lacking the conviction of the real, it falls short of being a faithful representation and becomes something new, characterised by the cracks, dents, and errors.

To exploit the idea of being a failure is the driving force behind Tender Parodies: she relishes making fun of what she loves. It is a sensibility that reverberates between affection and suspicion which lends an acutely self-aware tension to the performances. Beyond the mean-spirited derision of sarcasm or the earnestness of straightforward mimicry, the selected artists investigate the ambiguous sentiments of broken emulation, of simultaneously feeling an affinity and aversion for the idea(l)s embodied in the “original”.

Based on curator Sunshine Wong’s MA thesis Ein Entwurf für ein Camp-Museum (A Proposal for a Camp Museum), Tender Parodies is an extension in understanding camp visibility and strategies.